Organic SearchA client recently asked why SEO. Below are my top 5 reasons companies should continue working on SEO Best Practices.

Why SEO?

Builds Trust & Credibility

  • Users trust the top listed sites more than others
  • Being listed on page one can influences customer buying cycle and decision making

Keeps You Competitive

  • 80% Search Engine users are only going to click on top 5 listings

Increases Your Brand

  • Branded keywords can be highest converting terms – paramount to continue building brand

Better User Experience

  • Function of SEO is not only about improving your website rankings, it is also instills best practices to improve website user experience

Cost Effective

  • Cost vs return ratios show SEO lowers cost over other outbound advertising campaigns
  • After optimization fees, it’s free traffic
  • Keyword research and cost vs. return simulation should be completed

Other Considerations:

Keyword selection is a paramount part of the process; some keywords are better to bid/advertise on and others are just the natural fit to a page. Ad listings are more designed for specials and deals, whereas organic listings cater to content/informative. As I mentioned above, keyword research and cost vs return simulation should be done before you move into SEO.