Tantra is My New Media Mantra

Shea Park Article

By Shea Park, President, Ad-Spark.com, Originally Published April 13, 2010 for Madison Avenue Journal

Have you ever wondered what living in a quaint mountain town would be like? Today as I dig myself out from 5 feet of snow; I realize it’s time to pace ourselves.

Today’s weather condition may be as harsh as going to work on Wall Street on Monday mornings of late. Making sales calls to people who do not return calls, or trying to move media inventory to non-existent budgeted clients. We now have to deal with sales people not returning phone calls. They are out of the office, literally, figuratively, physically and worst of all for their families, financially.

Yes, it’s catastrophic, but in order to maintain one’s sanity, we need to keep perspective that the financial crisis is no bigger than we make it or dwell on it. Call me crazy, detached, or just in left field. Be that as it may, I stay grateful, dedicated and persistently & stubbornly trudge through the daily grind.


First, life truly does go on despite having less $$$$. It is what we make and what we think about all day long of it that is going to carry us through this storm. There is only one way forward and that is straight ahead. The tunnel I dug today to get out of my house resembled the way to surpass this phase. The you-know-what is going to keep piling up and we must keep digging.

In the abyss between implementing media plans and buys, I have been pondering (playing) with words and co-mingling philosophies to life and work. Over the past 3 years, I have diligently practiced Yoga and study its Sutras. Looking and learning a new way of living can feel like climbing mountain of snow each day. Earlier this year I started reading about Tantric practices.

Sure everyone thinks Tantra is all about s-e-x and the Kama Sutra. But it’s not. However it is an all encompassing lifestyle practice.

Tantra is not even an esoteric or religious teaching and sensuality is only one facet of this overall lifestyle practice. There are lessons to be learned about how we in the west can draw from cultures and business from the east. Especially considering they have 1000’s of years more experience. What did I learn from Tantric?  Read Full Article: