Shea Park

Ad-Spark was founded in 1998 by Shea Park. Shea is President and manages a small team of digital and search marketing experts providing digital solutions for B2C and B2B businesses.

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Why Choose Ad-Spark

We are no average search marketing agency. We approach every project uniquely and are a completely transparent consultancy team.

Since 1998, Ad-Spark digital marketing agency and search marketing consultants provide strong-performing customer acquisition and marketing campaigns. From our unique strategy, collaborating with your needs and goals, and developing actions and media plans to gain new customers for you. Our services support and drive growth for our clients, proving out which strategies work in internet marketing. We do not just consider ourselves a digital marketing agency – we are your expert marketing team partners.

Studies show that more than 85% target audiences use social networking to connect and only 4% of people will click on an advertisement. How will your marketing influence your audience, vertical, and category? The major barriers to entry for clients is in advancing their marketing thinking, and we are here to help you navigate and succeed.

Many social and professional dynamics influence how we interact and focus our attention. Good digital marketing approaches can affect online behavior and participation for any brand, product or promotion. As a digital marketing agency we help small, medium, or large brands focus their efforts. The one constant is, as technology continues to evolve, people become more sophisticated and more empowered, and it is increasingly important to know your visitors and customers at an individual level to build long-term, deep relationships with them. Relationship marketing is the new reality.

We are about creating content, customer interaction, and furthering engagement from all marketing channels to meet your audience’s needs.