Our Dedication

In 1998, I wanted to create a unique company, one that would be held to the highest standards in Search Marketing. The main goal was to save clients money, deliver results, and maintain transparency. Whether we provide DIY services or full representation; the Ad-Spark team is accountable & results-driven from start to finish.

What We Do

“We were here before Google” is our nickname/tagline. We are a team of search, marketing, & developer experts – driven to succeed. We build & execute marketing tactics that deliver customer acquisition & revenue growth goals. Search Marketing is our pillar, then add unique methods & mix of media to achieve ROI & scale. See our services page for more info.

Throughout our history, we have managed over 250 client projects. Our strategies deliver results in customer acquisition. Your success is our top priority, in that, we succeed together. See what others say about our work.

Cross Media Survey Results

How would you rate your organization’s ability to evaluate the return on investment for marketing channels?

cross media survey results