Our Mission

In 1998, I wanted to create a unique company. One that would be held to the highest standard for Internet Marketing and Search Marketing Consultants. The main goal is to save clients money, deliver results, and to create Internet Marketing transparency. Whether we provide DIY services or full representation; Ad-Spark team is transparent and accountable from start to finish.

What We Do

We are Digital and Search Marketing Experts with a strong focus on metric-driven growth. We help clients build & execute marketing plans that deliver customer acquisition. Search Engine Marketing Consultants is the focal point, then we formulate a mix of media to achieve campaign goals. See our Digital Marketing service page for more details.

Throughout our history, our goal is to be responsive, producing results, and accountability. Since 1998, we have managed over 230 projects. Our strategies deliver results in customer acquisition. Customer Service and your success are top priority, in that, we succeed together. See what others say about our work.

Cross Media Survey Results

How would you rate your organization’s ability to evaluate the return on investment for the following marketing channels?

cross media survey results